All that I have achieved in my life, I owe my continuous training.

Since 1994. I started my personal and professional development path. For all these years I regularly learn and develop my skills. I have participated in a number of sales, time management, public speaking, success psychology, human resources management, image building, negotiation, impact control, moderation and facilitation, financial education and communication, leadership.

To get this knowledge, I traveled the world, training with top coaches such as Anthony Robbins, Bryan Tracy, Bodo Schafer, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Eric Worre, Robert Cialdini and Tom Schreider.

I am a licensed IPSA system trainer

STRUCTOGRAM® is a Swiss based coaching system based around the trilateral brain theory developed by prof. Dr. Paul MacLean. At the core of this system is biostructure analysis, which shows the biological conditioning of our nature, allows us to discover and fully utilize our potential – in accordance with our predispositions and with full awareness of our strengths and our potential sectors.

Each of us has success and success in three parts, changing differently and clearly our brain. The brain acts as one, but each part reacts to different and well-defined behaviors. Each of us uses three parts of the brain of different intensity in a unique and completely different way. In one person one part dominates and the other one dominates the other – they give a clear tendency to certain behavioral preferences and characteristic decision-making or life choices.

STRUCTOGRAM® is the only system on the market that focuses on human nature, and not the behaviors that come from nature and most often differ.