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I was born in Italy, in beautiful Florence and spent most of my youth there. But I also have Polish roots – my mother is of Polish origin – and that, among other things, led me to come to Poland.

I began my professional career in Tuscany, where I worked as a DJ and event organizer. In the years 1994 – 2005 I gained my first professional experience, climbing my career from the representative to the chairman of the board at the then-known financial services marketing company Star Service International. In Poland I have been living permanently since 1999.

The audience got to know me and liked it mainly thanks to the programs “Europa da się lubić” and “Wyprawa Robinson” in which I participated.

I also developed my media career as a journalist and reporter. Since 2003, I have been practicing practically all TV stations for a long time, in particular with TVN (“Dzień Dobry TVN” program), N Sport (“Dookoła sportu” program) and TVN Turbo (“Hednoista” program)

I am also author of books “Moja Toskania” and “Moje Dolomity”.


All that I have achieved in my life, I owe my continuous training.

Since 1994. I started my personal and professional development path. For all these years I regularly learn and develop my skills. I have participated in a number of sales, time management, public speaking, success psychology, human resources management, image building, negotiation, impact control, moderation and facilitation, financial education and communication, leadership.

To get this knowledge, I traveled the world, training with top coaches such as Anthony Robbins, Bryan Tracy, Bodo Schafer, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Eric Worre, Robert Cialdini and Tom Schreider.

I am a licensed STRUCTOGRAM® IBSA system trainer


I can say with full responsibility that my work is my hobby.

First of all I am a trainer and lecturer. For more than 20 years I have provided my knowledge on training. Each presentation is based on my own years of experience and knowledge of personal development, business psychology and finance.
I am currently pursuing lectures and trainings in personal development, motivation, success psychology, sales, leadership, communication and financial education.

Their aim is first and foremost to improve communication between people, to increase self-confidence, to improve effectiveness in various aspects of life.
In a nutshell, that’s what makes it successful in life and private life.


In life, the most important thing is personal happiness. For me, it’s family, professional success, the ability to convey to others. Not from the beginning I saw these goals clearly. All my life I learn from others.

In my life I met many personal growth coaches, but only Anthony Robins changed my life by 180 degrees. He let me know myself and understand what my mission is in this world.
Thanks to him, I know that whoever stops learning stops living. I also know that if you have to work, you have to work on yourself. If we have our dreams, then we have to protect them and cherish them. You have to be brave and positive about your future.

Life is not 100% positive. It’s good and bad, black and white. If we focus only on its dark side – we will not see the bright ones. Sometimes we have to be adults. There are times when we can give a passage of positive energy – and that’s what we need to do in life!