Step 2 – The Key to Knowing Others

March 5, 2021
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Step 2 – The Key to Knowing Others

Step 2 – The Key to Knowing Others


The ability to work with people can be learned. By acquiring
the ability to recognize other people’s biostructures, you
become aware of their behaviors, motives and potential. You
learn how to respect other people’s individuality, motivate and
influence them in a credible way. You also find out how to
avoid unnecessary conflicts.”If we understand others better,
we can convince them of our own ideas”




What is STRUCTOGRAM® and where did it come from?

STRUCTOGRAM® is a Swiss training system used worldwide, which is based on the triune brain theory developed by Prof. Dr. Paul MacLean. The basis of the system is a biostructural analysis, which points out the biological conditions of our nature and allows us to discover and make full use of the dormant potential in us – in accordance with our own predispositions and with full awareness of our strengths and potential areas of development.

Triune brain theory – what does it mean?

Each of us has and successfully uses three evolutionarily distinct and different parts of the brain. The brain works as a unity, but each of its parts is responsible for different and specific behaviors in us. Each of us uses these three parts of the brain in different intensities and in our own unique way. One person’s brain is dominated by one part of the brain, and another’s by another part, which gives rise to noticeable tendencies towards specific and favourite behaviours, or a characteristic process of making decisions or life choices.

Prof. Dr. Paul D. MacLean – American brain researcher, Director of the Institute for Brain Evolution and Behavior at the National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda/Maryland,

Dr. Maclean

STRUCTOGRAM® shows you quickly and at a glance – in three colors – which of the three parts of the brain is dominant and, therefore, which behaviors may be considered natural and where a person’s potential lies. It allows you to deeply get to know yourself, so it has been successfully used for years in both coaching and training activities. Training based on STRUCTOGRAM® is simple, but at the same time it explains a lot about interpersonal relations and enables to indicate optimal paths for the development of the team as well as individual development.

What BENEFITS will I get after completing the training?

STRUCTOGRAM® is the only system on the market that focuses on human nature rather than on behaviours that are derived from nature and, moreover, are often changeable. It enables you to get to know and understand yourself better, so it shows you what behaviour is natural for you and what you are most comfortable with. STRUCTOGRAM® gives you a knowledge base which, when used properly, is very helpful in your personal development.

Thanks to it:

1. You will learn what influences the choices you make, thus learning to make the most optimal and beneficial decisions for you.
2. You will get to know the motives of your actions, which in turn will allow you to set realistic goals and achieve them.
3. You will increase the quality and effectiveness of your communication.
4. You will understand your behavior, which will give you the ability to overcome your limitations and help to control any situation.
5. You will learn what your strengths and weaknesses are, which will allow you to use your strengths more effectively
and eliminate or control your weaknesses.
6. You will be able to take the right direction, which will help you to discover and increase the use of your potential.


What BENEFITS will my company receive after the training?

STRUCTOGRAM® not only enables you to learn about yourself, but it also successfully supports the individual and team development of your employees, and therefore the development of your company. The key to success in today’s business world is trust – both in relationships with the outside world and within the work environment. To gain trust you need to be reliable and consistent in what you do, and then be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
STRUCTOGRAM® will help you:

1. Know your employees’ strengths. This will make it easier to identify their potential areas for development. The knowledge you gain will enable you to consciously choose the right sales or motivation techniques, which in turn will not only improve e.g. sales and negotiation skills, but will also have a real impact on your company’s financial results.

2. Build a team by adjusting tasks to the strengths and skills of its members. Getting to know the strengths of each individual will allow for more effective use of teamwork. Proper selection of people working in given teams will increase the use of your employee’s potential. This will enable you to improve efficiency and effectiveness in project execution.

3. Manage a team of people more effectively. By learning about the motives of your employees and understanding their behavior it is possible to improve communication within the company. This has an impact on improving the atmosphere in individual teams as well as between them. Smooth flow of information also reduces the number of errors and delays during the performance of tasks, which allows the implementation of projects in accordance with the adopted plan.

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